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Orlando Science Center Sees Increased Attendance

Jamuary 13, 2010 - This week on Morning Edition, we're discussing some new figures which indicate that Americans are changing the way they spend their time. A report from the US Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics says people are spending less time buying goods and more time on cultural and family-centered activities. Today, we're talking with someone who works at a local cultural institution where, according to the new statistics, Americans are spending more of their leisure time. JoAnn Newman is President and CEO of the Orlando Science Center. She says that, despite the lingering economic recession, the Science Center has seen attendance spike by nearly 7 percent over this period last year. This weekend, the Science Center will host Otronicon, a 4-day celebration of interactive technology using video games to demonstrate the future of how we live, learn, work and play. The event is billed as Orlando's largest ever interactive technology exhibition. More information on the event is available at: http://www.otronicon.org/ More information about the Orlando Science Center can be found at http://www.osc.org/


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