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Report: 132 Million Disney Visitors Last Year

June 5, 2014 | WMFE, Orlando -- Disney's Magic Kingdom continues to reign as the world's top theme park. That's according to the newly released 2013 Theme Index.

Of the world's ten most-attended theme parks, nine belong to Disney. Together, they saw more than 132 million visitors last year. That's more than twice the attendance of second-place Merlin parks.

UCF Tourism Professor Duncan Dickson says Disney stays on top by staying relevant. He says, "Walt said it a long, long time ago – you know that Disneyland is always in a state of becoming. It's never finished."

Dickson points to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train topping off a remodeled Magic Kingdom Fantasyland.

He also points to remodeling at Universal – the world's third-largest theme park franchise. It opens the new Diagon Alley attraction later this month.


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