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Trans Fat Not Going Away Any Time Soon

News that the Food and Drug Administration is moving toward banning trans-fat is being applauded by nutrition and health experts. But it's too soon for healthy eaters to let down their guard.

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[The FDA is considering banning trans fat from all processed foods]

The FDA now says that partially hydrogenated oils, a major source of trans-fat, can no longer be generally recognized as safe.  That statement is the first step toward banning trans-fat. It’s mostly found in processed foods and desserts and has been linked to heart disease. Dawn Napoli is a registered dietician at the M-D Anderson Cancer Institute in Orlando.  She says food manufacturers will have to find acceptable trans fat substitutes, so it will be a while before it is completely eliminated.

“So until that time, it’s still important for people to look at the ingredient list and still look for partially hydrogenated oils, that’s the actual trans fat in there, and foods that have that we really should avoid at all costs,” she says.

Napoli says the FDA stance on trans fat is being driven in part by consumer concerns. Those concerns led companies like McDonalds to eliminate trans fat years ago.  


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