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New Helpline Available for Enrolling in the Healthcare Exchanges

Like the rest of the country, Central Floridians trying to access the online health insurance exchanges have been largely unsuccessful, but there's now a new local resource available. And local navigators are beginning to get their licenses.

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As of Tuesday, Central Florida’s Navigators are out in the community- but right now they can only offer limited help. Navigators are workers trained to help people navigate the online health insurance exchange Healthcare.gov. They have to be licensed before they can walk anyone through the website, but licenses have delayed. Primary Care Access Network lead navigator Anne Packham says the license delay is an administrative hold up tied to when agencies actually received the navigator grant money.  All of the area’s navigators have completed their training- and one is licensed. But Packham says because of the delays and website troubles- navigators are encouraging people to make appointments with them.

“We are, in setting the appointments, taking names and numbers right now and as soon as we have our licenses, we’ll call people, so hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have some licenses and we’ll have specific places set up around the county,” she says.

During this first week navigators are being staged at different area libraries. But Packham says  there is now a local Healthcare Marketplace Phone Line that people can call. The number- 877-564-5031- can be used to find Navigators and make appointments with them.  


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