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Democrat Plans November Challenge to Mica in District 7

As the dust settles on a hard fought GOP primary in District 7, where long serving Republican John Mica saw off challenger Sandy Adams, the winner of the Democratic primary says the bitterness in that race could help him in the Fall.

In District 7’s Democratic Primary, Jason Kendall took nearly 62 per cent of the vote, defeating Nicholas Ruiz.

Kendall, who bills himself as a Blue Dog Democrat, believes moderate Republicans and independents would have been turned off by what they saw in the GOP primary.

"That race was really vicious," says Kendall. "That’s the one thing I have to say about my opponent is we kept it pretty clean, and I won on my politics”

Kendall says he thinks he’ll be able to win more Democratic votes and even some Republican votes in November.

But taking on a well established incumbent with deep pockets, like John Mica, will be a mammoth task. 


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