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Gov. Rick Scott Gives Sunrail the Green Light

Sunrail's Coming Down the Tracks...in 2014
Sunrail's Coming Down the Tracks...in 2014

July 1, 2011 | WMFE - The Governor didn't actually say anything. Instead he passed the duty to Florida's transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad who announced Friday that Governor Rick Scott has approved Central Florida's Sunrail project. The news means work on 14 stations along the 61 mile route can resume.



Secretary Ananth Prasad made the announcement in Tallahassee after barnstorming through Central Florida earlier this week during a series of meetings with local officials.


Prasad said even though local governments would have to cover any shortfall in Sunrail revenue by taking state money from other local transportation projects, he was convinced that cities and counties along the route would fullfill their financial responsibilities.


The long awaited decision is a huge relief to Sunrail developers and local officials.


Many small towns along the route are hoping development around the rail stations will improve their economies.


Sunrail is expected to be running by 2014.





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