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Arts Connection for July 1-2, 2005

Meet author Irene Zabytko, and hear a preview of the Florida International Festival.

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Irene Zabytko is the author of 2 books, both inspired by her Ukrainian heritage. Irene grew up in a Ukrainian neighborhood of Chicago and drew on that experience for her book of short stories, When Luba Leaves Home. Her first book, The Sky Unwashed is a fictional account of Ukrainian women returning to their homes after Chernobyl. She will travel to that area at the end of the year to produce a documentary on that story. Irene now lives in Apopka, and she's giving a free fiction writing workshop on Sunday, July 10 from 2-3 at the Orlando Public Library,101 East Central Blvd. It's part of the Gotham Writers' Workshop ; Zabytko, will explain how short stories differ from novels and will explore the use of voice in storytelling.


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90.7's Dave Glerum speaks with Tippin Davidson and Eric Lariviere about the upcoming Florida International Festival, with over 60 performances and special events beginning July 15. The cornerstone of the bi-annual festival is the London Symphony Orchestra, who will cap off their year-long centennial celebration in Daytona.


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