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"Follow The Money" -- A Conversation with Florida's Stimulus Czar

April 13, 2009 -- Central Florida could get more than two billion dollars in federal stimulus money, with the funding going to schools, roads, law enforcement, homeless advocates, and scores of other projects. This week, 90.7 kicks off an occasional series, "Follow the Money," to track where those federal dollars are going. In the coming months, we'll be asking who's getting the promised new jobs, what local projects are getting a kick-start, and how much of the money will actually end up staying in the region? We start the series with Don Winstead. He's the governor's special advisor on how and where the stimulus will be spent in Florida. He says the funding that will actually create jobs is just starting to flow into the state. And he told 90.7's David Pitman that we should see some significant hiring later this spring, and through the summer.


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